Refund Policy

eBooks you purchase from YourPastQuestions are eligible for return or refund if we receive your request within 48 hours of the date of purchase.

If an ebook does not perform as described, you may return it for a refund at any time.

When a refund is granted, we’ll remove access to the eBook and your money will be returned. To submit a refund request, please¬†contact our help desk.

Refunds will not be granted in situations of purchase abuse.


We may suspend your activities or immediately remove your account and notify other Users of your actions immediately or temporarily/indefinitely suspend or terminate or block Your access, and/or refuse to provide you with access to our website during this period.

A user that has been suspended by your YourPastQuestions Team should not attempt to register again unless your account is reinstated. We may reinstate your account after the further investigation has proven otherwise

We reserve the right to cancel any order on this platform with further explanations or clarification for our actions. We equally have the right to reinstate orders or refund money collected during this

You must not give another person access to your account, doing so goes against our community rules and regulations which may warrant sanctions from our side

By using the YourPastQuestions platform, you agree to the rules, terms, and conditions listed on this page. In case of non-compliance with the agreement listed above, we have the exclusive right to terminate your contract with us

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