The Youthful Pandemic


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The Youthful Pandemic, Is A Well-Researched Topic, It Is To Be Used As A Guide Or Framework For Your Research.


Smoking has been utilized as a cultural practice all throughout the world by various groups of people since the beginning of time. However, its harmful effects have only recently been explored in today’s modern world. A comprehensive literature review was performed, and found that e-cigarette use is the new “cool” or “hip” thing to do among today’s youth. The idea that e-cigarettes are a healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes is nothing more but a misconception touted by those seeking to make profit. As nurses it is our responsibility to ensure that patients understand that there are better ways of dealing with stress and that smoking in general is a threat to their wellbeing. If we as healthcare providers neglect patient advocacy, keeping our patients in the dark about the harmful effects of smoking, be it e-cigarettes or not, then we are essentially failing to provide the holistic needs of the public.

Although most patients may be reluctant to quit their bad habits, it is not our job to judge but to encourage them to take the necessary steps required for them to live their life in the healthiest manner. Further research is proposed to explore the various differences between e-cigarette use and tobacco use regarding withdrawal symptoms.

Multifaceted aspects of nicotine addiction will also be analyzed such as race, ethnicity, gender, and age in order to find any correlations and
differences between the latter. The overall objective is to bring to light the seriousness of cigarettes to healthcare workers, current users, and the general public.


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