The Relationship between Optimism and BMI in Generation Z – An Exploratory Investigation


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The Relationship between Optimism and BMI in Generation Z – An Exploratory Investigation, Is A Well-Researched Topic, It Is To Be Used As A Guide Or Framework For Your Research.


Optimism is the mindset to hold positive and favorable expectations towards the future (Elovainio, et al., 2017). The typical optimist is a person who holds and applies the characteristic of optimism towards daily life. There is documented evidence of many physical and mental health benefits (Vidal & Dalley, 2013). Optimists are known to have a higher expectancy of accomplishment when completing tasks or goals which are normally challenging (Cappelleti, 2015). Having optimism has been found to help people attain goals and face through adversity (Benyamini & Wurm, 2014). Optimism globally is a trait which researchers have commonly found to help people physically and mentally (Vidal & Dalley, 2013).
Research has demonstrated optimism is essential to have for overall well-being (Vidal & Dalley, 2013). Attitude towards the future and life make a difference in one’s life. Optimism is important to have since it can affect mental health which can alter overall health. One study demonstrated optimism can help to lower overall BMI (Elovainio, et al., 2017). Optimism showed to have a positive relationship with a healthy diet and a low body mass index. BMI was measured through height and weight while optimism was calculated through the Scheier and Carver Life Orientation Test-Revised. This study demonstrates how having optimism allows for the motivation to have a healthy diet as well as exercise in order to lower the BMI. The research also looked long-term which showed high optimism in young adulthood demonstrated a negative relationship with BMI as an older adult. Optimism also showed to protect against psychosocial stress which can cause a high BMI. This research confirms having a quality as simple as optimism allows us to be healthier (Elovainio, et al., 2017).


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