The Impact of New Media Influencers: A Video


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The Impact of New Media Influencers: A Video is a well-researched Social and Behavioral Sciences thesis/Dissertation topic for final year students and undergraduates, it is to be used as a guide or framework for your Academic Research.


In this project, I wanted to conduct an educational and entertaining essay translated into a video format. This “Video Essay” would cover how “New Media stars” (including people on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, but specifically Youtube or any other form of video content online) have affected and influenced demographics and culture.

Specifically, I wanted to study how strong the reach of a social media star is, the effect of this reach on the consumer, and how it influenced opinions, thoughts, and habits. However, to set this project apart from the typical research paper, I wanted to take it more into the media realm and create a video documenting my findings from a review of the literature.

This video wouldn’t necessarily be conventional, but it would be a blend of new media style video (to pay homage to the subject itself) and properly formatted visuals, including shots, information, research and graphs. Much like a documentary, it would follow the process of my findings from my research. A link to the video can be found on page 15 of this paper.

The goal of this project was to truly identify the role of media and influencers, and examine how powerful the media really is on a more micro level. The media has an ability to push some form of agenda, and I wanted to discover how powerful this agenda-setting was and discover what limitations they may have.

In a sense, it would answer the question, “Who is more powerful, the media or the people?” by examining how the media has affected people during this new media generation. Not to mention that if the people are being manipulated, is it within our power to stop that manipulation, or is there a need to at all.

This is important because, in the current world, media is taking a completely different turn, growing faster than ever. What people watch isn’t what it was before, and this info presented will help to clarify the gap between the two institutions (society and media) if there is one at all. My motivations for digging into this topic are first because it has intrigued me for a long time. I wish to go into media myself, and possibly wield and audience of my own, so knowing how much power one actually would have is important.

If I did one day become someone of influence in the industry, would me of now see myself with disgust, or with praise, for how much power would be weld? Hopefully, this information would give some insight (if any at all) on if the media has as big of an influence on the general population as we think.


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