Sustainable water development and management


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Sustainable water development and management is a well-researched topic, it can be used as a guide or framework for your Academic Research.


This report, prepared on behalf of the United Nations Environment Programme, provides a state-of-the-art synthesis of current knowledge on sustainable water development and management. It concludes that there is no single ‘best’ approach for sustainable water development. Enunciation of the concept of environmentally sound development is not a difficult task. While we have had reasonable success in integrating
environmental considerations at the project level and some success at the sector level, we have not succeeded in designing means of integrating environmental concerns effectively at the national policy and planning levels, except in very general terms.


The past 25 to 30 years have been a period of
unprecedented water resources development in many
countries of the developed and developing world.
Water projects of all magnitudes have been built to
provide societies with water and hydroelectric power
needed for development and economic growth. For
example, the number of storage reservoirs in the world
with a capacity larger than 100 million m3 has
increased during the years 1951-85 from 1777 to 2357
(Voropaev and Avakian, 1986). Among the best-
known examples of large-scale water projects are the
Aswan High Dam which has completely modified the
hydrological regime of the Nile river below Aswan, the
huge Kariba and Cabora Bassa Dams built on the
United Nations Environment Programme, P.O. Box 30552,
Nairobi, Kenya. The initial draft was prepared by Dr Asit K.
Biswas, President of the International Society of Ecological
Modelling, President of the International Water Resources
Association and Vice-President of the International Associa-
tion for Clean Technology, 76 Woodstock Close, Oxford,
OX2 8DD, UK, and Dr. Janusz Kindler, a professor of water
and environmental management and Deputy Director for
Research at the Institute of Environmental Engineering,
Warsaw Technical University, Nowowiejska 20,00-653
Warsaw, Poland. Both are members of the UNEP Advisory
Group on Water Resources.

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