Starting a residential real estate business


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Starting a residential real estate business, Is A Well-Researched Topic, It Is To Be Used As A Guide Or Framework For Your Research


Hello fellow entrepreneur! It seems you have set your heart on residential real estate. Great! This guide explores the steps you will need to take to turn this interest into a profitable business in real estate investing. By laying out the discoveries I made while creating my own real estate management business in downtown Chattanooga, I’ve created a step by step guide to help you streamline the process from evaluating the market before you buy to selling the property after renovations are complete.
Who should investigate this venture?
When I began creating my business, I would tell people that I was interested in “buying, renovating, renting, and selling homes” and they would happily tell me of the dozen other people they know trying to get rich quick with real estate.
You can make a large profit in real estate. You can also loose everything. So, before you proceed in this book, I beg that you consider a few factors that will either help make real estate and yourself a great match or will foreshadow a terrible relationship.
Have fun
I like dreaming about how I’d change the homes I drive by if I owned them. I like looking online at the homes for sale and evaluating at what price I would buy the home, if I were going to. I like figuring out which areas are increasing in value and who my clientele would be if I bought there. I like budgeting and keeping track of my expenses. I like saving up for that next house. I like being a kind landlord. I really like having a job that allows me to stay home with my family.
If you don’t think you would enjoy most of those things, you should probably investigate other business ideas. If, however, you believe that you and I may be kindred souls- that real estate would be fun for you too- I wish you all the best as you embark on this next chapter in your life.

Table of Contents


Who should investigate this venture?
Have fun
Finding a Home

How do I choose an area?
When should I buy?
Watching the market
Selecting an Agent
Works Cited

Financing the Property

How will I pay for this?
Advice on loans
Works cited

Creating the Business

Sole Proprietorship
LLC (Limited Liability Company)
Works cited

Making an Offer

Visiting the property
Evaluating the property
How much should I offer?
Counter offers and highest offers

Preparing to Begin Work
Budgeting and Record Keeping
What should I fix?


International Residential Code
What sorts of things are regulated by codes?

Hand drawing
Designing works cited

Tips on hiring
What does a general contractor do?
What are the price ranges for contractors?
Can I become a contractor?
Levels of contractor
Contractors works cited


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