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SOIL EROSION MANAGEMENT EDUCATION is a well-researched topic, it is to be used as a guide or framework for your Academic Research


Soil is the top layer of the earth’s surface that is capable of sustaining life. Therefore, the soil is very important to farmers, who depend on it to provide abundant and healthy crops each year. One major problem that has hindered soil from realizing its importance is soil erosion. Soil erosion is one of the forms of soil degradation and commonly related to other problems such as low levels of soil organic matter, loss of soil structure, and soil acidity. Although erosion is a natural process, it can pose many problems when occurrences are due to human activities.
Worldwide, farmers are losing an estimated 24 billion tonnes of topsoil each year. In developing countries, erosion rates per acre are twice as high as the standard, partly because population pressure forces land to be more intensively farmed. Although soil erosion is a physical process, it also affects productivity and growth. Reductions in yield of more than to 50% have been documented on severely eroded soils in Nigeria. When soils are depleted and crops receive poor nourishment from the soil, the food provides poor nourishment to people. Losses of soil take place much faster than new soil can be created. It takes thousands of years to form just a few centimeters of soil. The difference between creation and loss represents an annual loss of 7.5—10 tonnes per acre worldwide.
Since the soil covering the surface of the earth has taken millions of years to form, we must learn to respect it. Soil is formed at a rate of only 1cm every 100—400 years and it takes 3, 000 to 12, 000 years to build enough soil to form productive land. This means that soil is a nonrenewable resource and once destroyed it is gone forever. If we disregard this, a time will come when there would not be enough soil left to sustain life on earth, because the soil is a necessary growth medium for plants, a home for certain insects and animals, as well as a medium from which we get minerals, such as gold. It is important therefore to treat soil, especially topsoil, as a living entity. It is upon this background that the inclusion of soil erosion management education in the Nigerian curriculum becomes incontestable.

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