Social Media, Bullying, and Preadolescent Eating Disorders: Psychoeducation and Prevention Model


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Social Media, Bullying, and Preadolescent Eating Disorders:
Psychoeducation and Prevention Model, Is A Well-Researched Topic, It Is To Be Used As A Guide Or Framework For Your Research.


The purpose of this theoretical project was to examine the available research surrounding preadolescent eating disorders with a particular focus on prevalence and risk factors. The author found that although four major surveillance studies were conducted to examine prevalence, very limited information is available for this age group regarding risk factors. To address this gap, the author proposed that social media and bullying should be considered as specific risk factors for this demographic in light of the increased media device use among children. Next, the author examined cognitive functioning, child development, and learning theories as they relate to the influence of social media and bullying on the development of eating disorders in children as well
as current research on protective factors, prevention programs, and treatment recommendations. Finally, the researcher proposed a psychoeducation and prevention model for use among parents,
school personnel, and medical professions to aid in early identification. The model, composed of two phases, incorporates education on early warning signs and risk factors through brochures in Phase 1. Phase 2 contains a focus on prevention in the form of critical thinking, media literacy, and self-esteem skills the caregivers can provide the children.


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