ICTs & Online Resources Used For Meeting Information Needs by agricultural researchers and extension workers


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ICTs and online resources used for meeting information needs by agricultural researchers and extension workers is a well-researched topic, it can be used as a guide or framework for your Academic Research


The study ascertained ICTs and online resources used for meeting information needs by agricultural researchers and extension workers in Edo State, Nigeria. Survey design was used in the study. ICTs /online resources used by respondents to meet their information needs were: computers (95.1%), internet (90.2%), mobile/cell phones (86.3%),
dictionaries (79.4%), electronic books (e-books) (78.4%), and electronic journals (e-journals) (77.5%). The majority (82.4%) indicated their purpose of using ICTS/online resources was for research purposes. Researchers acquired their e-resources majorly from the internet (83.9%) and extension workers acquired their e-resources through subscriptions made through the consortium for university and research libraries
(87.5%). The study recommends that Edo State ministry of agriculture and agricultural research institutes in the state, should subscribe for online resources for the benefit of respondents who desire to use relevant online resources but are hindered by cost and
technical issues.


agriculture plays an important role in the
economies of many developing countries,
contributing significantly to their gross
domestic product (GDP), labor force, exports, and
urban population (Stamoulis, 2001; Olajide et al.
2012). Agriculture accounts for about 24.18% of
Nigeria’s GDP and 70% of informal sector jobs
created in the economy are related to rural
agriculture (Enejeta, 2016). It is a source of
government revenue, foreign exchange through
exports and raw materials for the manufacturing
and processing industries. This implies that
agriculture is a key sector that stands to affect
majority of Nigerians positively (Oji-Okoro 2011)
because of its important role in slashing poverty
and transforming the economy. Considering the
overall positive effect of agriculture on a nation’s
economy and the livelihood of her citizenry, it is
important that agricultural knowledge/information
be properly developed, then transferred to end


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