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Human Anatomy Lab Manual, Is a textbook written by Dr. Malgosia Wilk-Blaszczak 

About the Book

This is a lab manual for a college-level human anatomy course. Mastery of anatomy requires a fair amount of memorization and recall skills. The activities in this manual encourage students to engage with new vocabulary in many ways, including grouping key terms, matching terms to structures, recalling definitions, and written exercises. Most of the activities in this manual utilize anatomical models, and several dissections of animal tissues and histological examinations are also included. Each unit includes both pre- and post-lab questions and six lab exercises designed for a classroom where students move from station to station. The vocabulary terms used in each unit are listed at the end of the manual and serve as a checklist for practicals.

About the Contributors


Dr. Malgosia Wilk-Blaszczak has taught human anatomy and human physiology courses for 30 years to medical and nursing students, and currently to undergraduate students at University of Texas at Arlington. She holds an M.D. and a Ph.D. in Neuroscience from the Warsaw Medical University. Ever since she discovered her father’s anatomical fold-out “manikin” as a child, Dr. Wilk has has been enamored by all aspects of the human body. In addition to teaching, she loves old medical illustration and never misses the chance to see them in museums when she travels.

Table of Contents

  • Lab 1: Anatomical Language
  • Lab 2: Bones and Bone Markings
  • Lab 3: Spinal Cord and Spinal Nerves
  • Lab 4: Brain and Cranial Nerves
  • Lab 5: Special Senses
  • Lab 6: Respiratory System
  • Lab 7: The Cardiovascular system
  • Lab 8: Digestive System
  • Lab 9: Urinary and Reproductive Systems
  • Lab 10: The Muscular and Integumentary systems


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