Economic Performance of Commercial Poultry Farms in Oyo State Nigeria


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Economic Performance of Commercial Poultry Farms in Oyo State Nigeria is a well-researched topic, it is to be used as a guide or framework for your Academic Research


This study focuses on the economic performance of the commercial poultry farms in some selected Local Government areas of Oyo State, Nigeria. Data were collected from 71 farmers using a purposive sampling technique. The result of the study shows that the profitability of poultry enterprise is a function of enterprise combination as well as the scale of production. The budgetary analysis shows that in all enterprise
combinations, farmers that operate on a large scale have the highest gross margins. On the basis of enterprise combinations, the egg production enterprise records the highest gross margin while the broiler production enterprise records the lowest gross margin. The regression analysis shows that flock size, feed, labor have significant positive effects on the value of output while the interaction between layers and broilers has a negative impact on the value of output. In the allocation of all the variable inputs, the poultry farmers are not efficient.


The Nigerian Agricultural sector is responsible for the
provision of food and livestock with poultry production
being responsible for 80% of the production
(Omotosho et al., 1988). However, the output level still
remains low compared to the input committed
(Ajibefun et al., 2000) and the poultry products are
grossly inadequate because the supply is lower than Profitability analysis: The following profit (A) equation
demand. Hence, the need for an increase in the production
of poultry and poultry products. Poultry is highly
dependent on grains and other feed ingredients
normally utilized by man. They, therefore, compete directly
with a man for feeds but grain production in Nigeria is far
less than demand. A change in the output of maize vis-a-vis
its price are immediately reflected in change in output
and prices of poultry products.
Plan of the study: The remaining part of this paper is
organized as follows: the next section presents the
methodology; the third presents the results and their
discussion, while the final section presents the conclusion
and recommendations.


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