An Introduction to Ontology Engineering


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An Introduction to Ontology Engineering, Is a  textbook written by Dr. C. Maria Keet

About The Book

This first general textbook An introduction to ontology engineering has as main aim to provide the reader with a comprehensive introductory overview of ontology engineering. A secondary aim is to provide hands-on experience in ontology development that illustrate the theory. The book is divided into three blocks:

  • Block I: logic foundations for ontologies both regarding the languages (mainly First Order predicate Logic, Description Logics, and OWL) and automated reasoning.
  • Block II: developing good ontologies with methods and methodologies, the top-down approach with foundational ontologies, and the bottom-up approach to extract as much useful content as possible from legacy material.
  • Block III: advanced topics with a selection of areas of specialisation, including Ontology-Based Data Access, the interaction between ontologies and natural languages (multilingual ontologies, controlled natural language), and advanced modelling with additional language features (fuzzy and temporal ontologies).

About The Contributor


Dr. C. Maria Keet, Senior Lecturer in Computer Science, University of Cape Town, South Africa

Table of Contents

  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 First order logic and automated reasoning in a nutshell
  • 3 Description Logics
  • 4 The Web Ontology Language OWL 2
  • 5 Methods and Methodologies
  • 6 Top-down Ontology Development
  • 7 Bottom-up Ontology Development
  • 8 Ontology-Based Data Access
  • 9 Ontologies and natural languages
  • 10 Advanced Modelling with Additional Languages Features


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Maria Keet, University of Cape Town


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